Fearing the Inevitable

Hello again everyone.

I want to begin this new blog post by saying Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season.

I've been in an odd head space recently and wanted to share some of my thoughts. It's definitely a lot of rambling and repeating myself but I think you'll get the message. I hope you enjoy the read...

Change is inevitable.

At this time of year, we all focus our minds so much on making changes. Sometimes we set the bar too high and set ourselves up for failure. Failure is good, though, but you can’t allow yourself to give up after failing. The whole point of failing is to pick yourself back up and make changes so that next time you can succeed.

We face change in everyday life. Relationships, work lives, families, etc. It’s never easy to accept it and it isn’t a simple process. But you aren’t able to escape it, you have to embrace what happens in your life as it happens for a reason. Changes are life lessons. We all need them but are so fearful of them. Why?

A new year is a new chapter; a fresh beginning; a time to start over. We make resolutions based off the things we did ‘wrong’ in the previous year but do we ever stop to think about where it will take us? No, most likely not. We keep pushing ourselves to become better people with stronger mindsets, we forget the journey we’ve already taken and we ignore the fact that some of our goals are just too big. Take a step back and appreciate the battles you’ve faced and the person you’ve become. You will have changed so much in the past year because time changes everything. Accept this. We all face it.

Don’t let yourself get caught up on making the same resolutions as everyone else. Every year, people make goals of starting the gym, starting a diet, cutting toxic people out their lives and so on. How often do people stick to those goals? I would say not often at all, maybe I’m wrong. If you’re going to set yourself a goal, make it realistic and personal to you. It’s too often that we waste our energy and time on the wrong things and it has such a negative impacts on our lives. Well, it’s time to change that…

Opening yourself up to new ideas and challenges every day will help you adapt to the world around you. Better yourself by listening to your heart and your gut; what do you really want to happen? Don’t be a sheep. Follow your heart. You are the only person who can control the change that happens in your life. Unfortunately, it won’t always be good so prepare yourself for bad days; prepare yourself for failure but never be prepared to give up because that is never the answer. So many people lack motivation when it comes to achieving goals. Find your fuel deep within yourself. You truly can do anything when you put your mind to it, believing in yourself is the first step to anything in life.

I'm going to end this huge ramble with saying thank you for taking your time to read it. Change is hard to adapt to and it often takes so many good things away from us but it also can bring us so much good. That's if you let it.

Everybody needs positive energy in their life and you are the person that has control over that. Your outlook on life will define the things that happen to you. Accept change and grow from it. Allow yourself to fail so that you can adapt and succeed in the future. This isn't the end, don't let it be the end. You are so much stronger and better than what you're going through. Open up your mind to the endless possibilities that are awaiting you.

Be safe and strong, you bunch of lovely people.

Don't stop dreaming and believing; your goals are closer than you think. Keep pushing.

All the love,

AllyshiaV x


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